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Historic Neighborhood Photo: The Last Tenement

Photo courtesy of the North End Historical Society.

This tenement building, referred to as 42 Lowell, is a fascinating part of Boston’s history. It once stood in a row among 30 other brick walk-ups; now, this building is the lone survivor.

As our city continues to change, this building has remained, holding strong to its roots. Read more about the building’s history at the West End Museum exhibit.

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8 Replies to “Historic Neighborhood Photo: The Last Tenement

  1. Rumor has it that the local gangsters buried bodies under the basement. They hang on to it until the last of them passes away to avoid procescution.

    1. From what I heard the property was owned buy an elderly woman who refused to sell out regardless of how much 💰 the city offered her. A lesson that some old North Ender’s should have learned.

  2. how or what lesson should the NEnder’s should have learned. i never heard of the city wanting to demolish a building and the resident refused to move out.

    1. They demolished an entire neighbourhood called the West End with the promise of “low income housing” for the people who were forced out of their homes for no reason. They wanted the land for the MGH and the “low income housing” became the Charles River Apt. Complex. Old North End property owners sold their souls and buildings and destroyed the neighborhood.If it wasn’t for the historical sites and a couple of politicians the NE would have met the same fate as the WE.

      1. A guy named Jerome Rappaport was behind the demolition and con job of the WE project and the low income housing.

  3. I live right around the corner in the West End Place from that famous house that still remains i always wondered why is no one in there ?

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