Memorize Best Works

By Mary Sanderson

In a recent program sponsored by the Friends of the North End Library, Neil A. Kutzen taught a room full of enthusiasts four steps to a better memory.

His focus was the art of remembering names. He had an excellent handout and informative slides that walked participants through the four steps to help memorize names.

He started with how to select a reminder image for various names – now you have your memory pair.  You then choose images that remind you of each item in your memory pair. He gave examples, such as for Jose. You then link the images in a silly way (using substitution, exaggeration, action or location), and then visualize the linked “silly” images.

Neil also reviewed facial features and ways to distinguish between different types of features (e.g., shape of chin, teeth, eyes, etc.). The participants did a number of exercises that demonstrated the steps. We were all able to remember the names of the people when he showed us the photos later in the class. Most impressively, Neil remembered the names of the 35 people in the class!

We all need to practice to get a better trained memory. Do things like repeat the person’s name and use it in conversation. It really will help!

Neil is available for training programs. His company is Memorize Best. Neil can be contacted at 617-869-6795 and

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