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Vandalism of Harborwalk Behind Langone Park

Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, the fenced area of the Harborwalk behind Langone Park was vandalized.

Fence supports and even some of the fences themselves were tossed over the railing into the Harbor. Photos submitted by Janine Coppola.

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7 Replies to “Vandalism of Harborwalk Behind Langone Park

  1. This is one of the most neglected areas of the north end. Some of the park is city managed some is state managed so none of it gets policed or cleaned.

    1. Agreed. If there were any police presence in this area this wouldn’t have happened. It would also deter homeless people from camping underneath the bridge.

  2. How about the city just fixes the broken walkway already instead of replacing the ugly, temporary chainlink fences?

      1. Exactly my point, Joyce. State is tennis courts, City is 585 school building, state is the rink and then city picks back up the backfields. There is no oversight bc neither take ownership of any.

  3. That destructive process must have taken a bit of time to pull off. Are there no bright lights in the area? Disgraceful act of vandalism.

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