Nicolina “Nellie” Martignetti Celebrates 100th Birthday

Nicolina “Nellie” Martignetti just celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday, October 11! 

Nellie grew up in the North End, living first on Charter Street and later on Endicott Street. She now resides at the North End Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, where she celebrated this latest milestone birthday. Her secret to a long life is taking the stairs – think about that the next time you’re waiting for an elevator!

2 Replies to “Nicolina “Nellie” Martignetti Celebrates 100th Birthday

  1. From a kind stranger happy 100th birthday to you many more to come, we share some same facts as well.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring story of Nellie..Her simplicity is to be emulated! 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU, Nellie!

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