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North End Native Vincenza Raspa Celebrates 105th Birthday

Happy Birthday to North End native Vincenza Raspa, who just celebrated her 105th birthday! Vincenza was born in 1913 and grew up in the North End, attending local schools. She worked first at a canning factory in Boston for 30 years and later as a salesperson at Macy’s department store for 20 years. She is a long-time parishioner of Sacred Heart Church, around the corner from her Garden Court apartment.

Vincenza’s 105th birthday celebration took place on Sunday at the North End Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, operated by Marquis Health Services. Guests included Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards, State Sen. Joseph Boncore, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, and Sami Almadi, Administrator at North End Rehab, along with Vincenza’s family and friends.

Looking back, Vincenza has lived through many historical Boston events including the Great Molasses Flood (1919), the construction of Boston airport (1923), the Brink’s Robbery (1950), the building of the central artery (1959) and the subsequent Big Dig to put it underground (1991-2007), and the entire Curse of the Bambino (1918 – 2004)!

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  1. My Mom passed in 2014 at North End Nursing Home at the age of 106 Born in Riesi, Sicily in 1908 came to America in 1915. Studied hard spoke italian in the house Never had an accent and also spoke Yiddish Congratulations Vincensa! Their stories are and where endless

  2. Wow !!! That’s very amazing it’s always incredible to reach 100 and beyond big milestone of life I wonder if you knew the Maniscalco’s ? Happy birthday Ma’m and enjoy it with your family and friends !

    Buon Compleanno

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