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Involved Inc. Civic Engagement Platform Could Increase Feedback on Neighborhood Issues

Involved, Inc. is an online platform that collects information from community members, increasing the number of voices heard on neighborhood issues. Co-Founders Caleb McDermott and Jake Damsey presented the concept at the Neighborhood Council October meeting.

The mission of the company is to increase public participation through surveys sent directly from the neighborhood council, town manager or any level of government to local residents.

The community members get to submit their opinions and the council gets quantitative, qualitative and geographic knowledge of how the community feels about various issues and decisions.

How it works: The council could send out a one-question survey through their email and social media platforms. People interact with the survey directly through their email, without being taken to an outside platform. Participants can then also share it with their own network, growing the audience and feedback gathered on an issue.

If anyone has a question they’d like to propose to test Involved. Inc. in the North End / Waterfront neighborhood, share you ideas with NEWNC at info@newncboston.org.