Friends of Boston Harbor Islands Work to Save The Lovells Island Oil House

The Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands are working with the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation to save the historic Lovells Island Oil House, the last remaining piece of the Lovells Island Range Lights that began guiding ships into Boston Harbor in 1902.

Prior to the Lovells Island Range Lights, commonly known as lighthouses, ships would enter the Harbor with little navigation aids and run aground on the outer islands. The Lovells Island complex, funded by the U.S. Lighthouse Board in 1903, provided three maritime aids to guide merchant and fishing ships, as well as passenger ships carrying new immigrants, safely through the Harbor.

Photo credit: Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands.

All that remains today is the brick oil house at the north end of Lovells Island. The Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands have organized a campaign to preserve this historic structure. They are collecting photos and stories of the Lovells Island lighthouses and oil house, in addition to donations. To share your memories and learn more about the oil shed, visit