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279 North Street Deferred a Second Time by Residents Association [Video]

The application for 279 North Street was again deferred after a presentation and discussion at the October 11th meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). The mutually agreed deferral was to give the proponents and abutters more time to work out potential changes to the proposal.

Existing 4-story building at 279 North St.

Michael and Peta Prinn, existing North End residents, have applied to the Boston Zoning Board of Appeal to redevelop 279 North Street by adding a fifth story (with private roof deck), extend basement living space and renovate the entire building (with elevator) to result in a three-family dwelling (reduced from five family). The final height will be approx. 48 feet with an elevator and stairwell inside. The proponents intend to live at the property with their three children and lease the other two rental units at the property.

Abutters raising concerns include residents at 57 Fleet St. (Jake Gutterman) and 50 Fleet St. (Bernie Sapienza, represented by attorney Jocelyn Campbell). The discussion between abutters primarily relate to reduced privacy, views, light, space and air as a result of the fifth floor addition and roof deck.

Attorney Daniel Toscano agreed to defer the application and return to a future NEWRA meeting once the proponents meet again with the abutters.

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted to support the proposal in September 2018. Both NEWRA and NEWNC are advisory to the City Zoning Board of Appeal that will make a final decision. A hearing date is set at the ZBA for November 27, 2018.

View the full discussion from the NEWRA meeting at the above video.