The September Zoning, Licensing and Construction (ZLC) Committee meeting will be held Tuesday, September 25 at 7 p.m. at the Mariners House.

This month’s agenda features the building at 276-282 Hanover Street that was damaged by a major fire in November 2017. Federal Investments, Inc. has applied to change the occupancy from 16 residential units to 20 as part of the renovations. See the full agenda below.

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  1. This is not a reply but to acquaint North End residents with a serious problem with the Eliot School buses, prominently in the afternoon pick-up.
    As you know Commercial Street in front of the Coast Guard station, has two west bound lanes and one east bound lane. Buses park on the Western (one lane)road and prevent cars and trucks from passing through towards the Greenway and other streets.
    One possible solution is to have the pick-up buses to park on the westerly two lane road and have an aide or police detail present near Hanover Street to direct the traffic around the buses. Also a school aide should be on site to monitor the situation.
    I support the school but I am afraid that there will be a serious accident and the school’s reputation will be damaged.

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