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Reader Poll: Was the Longfellow Bridge Project Worth It?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation released final numbers for the Longfellow Bridge renovation project earlier this week, and both time and price came in over budget. As reported by the Boston Globe, the cost came to $305.5 million, up from a budgeted $303.7 million, and the timeline came to five years, up from an estimated 3 years.

The work took longer than expected, in part, because contractors had to work with construction methods over 100 years old to maintain the historic nature of the bridge. Now it’s finally finished, complete with bike lanes and wider sidewalks.

What do you think, was the project worth it? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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4 Replies to “Reader Poll: Was the Longfellow Bridge Project Worth It?

  1. Only time will tell. If we can say it was worth it 100 years from now. Then yes. If it collapses in a few years, then I would say no.

  2. T Mobile-Sprint You are so right, but I think anything that eliminates heavy traffic is an improvement.

    I think when the Big Dig was under construction they should have fixed the No.End/Charlestown Bridge, but they
    didn’t. My opinion, whoever is in charge of construction or re construction is not doing that great of a job and
    they don’t care if they inconvenience the residents. The Big Dig is now obselete.

  3. It’s open, but it’s still not finished. I biked over the bridge last weekend, and there are still parts of the bridge being worked on. The City seems incapable of completing anything on time.

  4. Why stress the “over payment?” It was less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the original contract amount.
    Remember the “Big Dig” that was More than twice the original estimate and did not ever bring about less traffic problems as they promised. “IF YOU BUUILD ITTHEY WILL COME!” AND THEY DID.

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