National Carousel Association to Recognize Greenway Carousel

The National Carousel Association (NCA) will visit the Greenway Carousel on September 12 to present an award to the Greenway Conservancy and Briggs Design for the work done in creating and operating this unique carousel, made up of native New England species.

Over two hundred NCA members are expected to attend the NCA’s annual convention when they will visit the carousel for photos and a ride on one of the 36 seats featuring 14 different animals.

The carousel is special for its characters, inspired by drawings made by Boston school children. It is also considered New England’s most accessible for individuals with physical or auditory disabilities. The gardens surrounding the carousel in The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove add to the ambiance with four season plantings, seating and shade.

The NCA convention co-chairs Jim and Jackie Shulman said in a statement:

“The National Carousel Association congratulates the Greenway Conservancy for its excellent job in creating this beautiful carousel and for supporting its ongoing operation. It is a work of art for which the Boston community and the entire state of Massachusetts can have tremendous pride.”

The NCA aims to promote the conservation, appreciation, knowledge, and enjoyment of classic carousels and especially the preservation of complete operating carousels. The organization will be visiting 15 original carousels in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island during the five-day convention taking place September 12 – 16, 2018.