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7 Fun Things You Must Do in Boston

If you’re an outdoor person, then Boston is the place to be. There are lots of local things to do in Boston. It has several public parks where on special occasions you will see the beautiful ducklings which are dressed according to different seasons. This is one of the most beautiful sights around the park. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? Life in Boston is also less expensive as compared to other areas like Los Angeles. Here are some of the things to do in Boston:

Visit Beacon Hill

Since we’re leaving in the social media era, you need to impress your friends and followers. You also have to convince them that you’re actually in Boston. What better way than to visit Beacon Hill? According to Google, it is the most photographed street in America. If you go there at around noon, you will have a difficult time taking photos because the place is already crowded from as early as 9 am. The most famous places in Beacon Hill include chestnut street, the Louisburg square and in front of Rouvalis Flowers.

Beacon Hill is mostly famous for its brownstone architecture and accessories. There are also incredibly beautiful gardens which make the best background for your photos. If you’re an Instagram person, taking photos at Beacon Hill is probably one of the most fun things to do in Boston.

Explore the Waters

This is one of the best things to do in Boston. When you mention the waters, the first thing that comes in the minds of Boston residents and regular visitors is the duck tour. This includes exploring Boston on both land and water. This is made possible by several factors: there are several means of transport which include, hiring your own boat or cruise ship or taking the speedboat at the harbor. Having several options means that you will not find yourself stranded during the trip.

Did you know that Boston also has a beach? Now you know. If you visit during the summer, you can go to the beach to cool off and have fun. Most of the time, you might find young people playing volleyball on the shore. Feel free to join them if you’re a fan. Most of them are very friendly.

Your Boston water adventure is not complete until you rent a kayak in the Charles River. You will enjoy watching the sunset and night slowly creeping in.

Find Out the Free Fun Things to Do in Boston

When trying to get the best out of your trip, most people often end up broke and confused. To avoid that, take advantage of the free fun things to do in Boston. These include going to the public parks and public swimming pool. This way, you’ll still have the desired fun and save some dollars while at it.

Attend the Boston Tea Party and Museum

This is probably the coolest things to do in Boston. This is a floating museum where people get to enjoy the view of the historical artifacts, and they also get the chance to relive the past through the use of high-tech devices. You will also enjoy a cup of tea served at the café on the ship. There’s also a gift shop that’s fully stocked. This place ensures that you have long-lasting memories of Boston.

Try New Cuisines

Walking around and tasting new food are fun things to do with kids in Boston. Yummy walks are the best companions while you try to sample different cuisines. They give you a 3-hour tour where they take you around the city, showing you the best foods while you’re the judge. Trying out new cuisines is lots of fun, don’t you agree? Depending on where you come from, your interest in food may be different from others, but you’ll definitely enjoy locally made caramel and chocolate.

Visit the Arnold Arboretum

This area was set aside from Harvard university grounds. It has a serene environment for you and your family. It’s also a link to the emeralds necklace which has parkways and waterways. There are also shrubs and trees along the area. These are well labeled making the place beautiful and orderly. Visiting the Arboretum is both fun and educative.

Take Your Kids to the Children’s Museum

This museum is well known for treating children with love and respect. Your child will definitely enjoy listening to the history of things that they can relate to. The museum is clean and keeps the kids involved either in arrangements or other activities which leave them happy and more knowledgeable.


At the end of your trip, go back to the bucket list you’d prepared before leaving for Boston. What can you cross off the list? Was the trip successful? What did you learn from the trip? These questions ensure that each time you visit a new place, you’ll leave with a lesson. Each time you’re traveling, it’s important to research before leaving to avoid incidents.

So, when you get to Boston, what’s your first stop?