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NY Times’ Travel Section Highlights North End/Waterfront

The New York Times published an extensive travel article on the North End/Waterfront area, “In Boston, Change is in the Air” with particular focus on “Boston’s New Waterfront” and attractions in the North End. There is also a photo gallery on its web site:
Click here to view the slide show.

"Men at North End Cafe" (Click image to see the slide show at NY Times website.)
“Men at North End Cafe” (Click image to see the slide show at NY Times website.)

An excerpt from the January 1, 2010 article, “In Boston, Where Change Is in the Winter Air“:

“You could go to one of the traditional Italian standbys, but why not try something new? Like Neptune Oyster, with its raw bar and Paris bistro feel. Or vegan Italian, at Grezzo. Or you could eat French food, at the Michelin three-star chef Guy Martin’s new Sensing restaurant, which happens to be at the Fairmont Battery Wharf.”

“The next morning you get up early. You could go to a charming cafe in the North End for coffee and breakfast. But why go anywhere when there in your room is a silvery Nespresso coffee maker, and a stash of coffee capsules? You can make a perfect cup of coffee and admire the harbor views out your window.”

“There is so much going on — the Coast Guard installation on the next wharf; the ferries carrying commuters to the financial district from the nearby Charlestown neighborhood; the water taxis, tugs and tankers — that pretty soon you’re going to want to get outside and join the action. And learn about the history of the waterfront: Battery Wharf, for example. It is near where Paul Revere set off by rowboat in 1776 to Charlestown, where he borrowed the horse for his famous ride.”

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  1. What a great article the NY Times had on both the traditional and the latest additions to the North End/Waterfront neighborhood. I really enjoyed readiing it (and viewing the slide show) even tho I’ve been there a ton of times.

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