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Boston Harbor Debris Removal Program Launched by The Boston Harbor Association for 14th Year


Video: Marine Debris Removal Program in action on Boston Harbor – July 2014

Everyone knows the amazing story of the Boston Harbor cleanup, but did you know how the harbor stays so clean of debris and trash? This week, The Boston Harbor Association launched its 14th season of the Boston Harbor Marine Debris Removal Program for the Summer of 2014. The floating debris removal program is designed to make Boston Harbor and its tributaries safer for swimmers, boaters, and marine life. TBHA operates the Marine Debris Cleanup Program with funding from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Massport, City of Boston and Eastern Salt Company. A crew from Boston Line and Service are contracted by The Boston Harbor Association to be on the harbor 3-4 days a week removing floating debris as well as floating pilings from wharves. The program continues through the end of September. Areas covered by the cleanup program include the Inner Harbor, Fort Point Channel, Chelsea Creek and the Lower Mystic River.

Photos by Matt Conti.


2 Replies to “Boston Harbor Debris Removal Program Launched by The Boston Harbor Association for 14th Year

  1. This is a wonderful service project. Well done BHA! Next we desperately need a complete clean-up of many places next to walkways along the Waterfront. I’m specifically speaking of the area where the Harbor meets Christopher Columbus Park. The number of $3000.00 trash cans, a bench and who knows what else, is embarrassing and disgusting! Is it possible for the City of Boston, or whoever has responsibility for this type of clean-up, PLEASE address this situation soon? Many thanks in advance, from those of us who have respect for our beautiful Waterfront.

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