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33 North Margin Street Renovations Supported By Neighborhood Council

Attorney Dan Toscano presented plans for minor renovations at 33 North Margin Street to the Neighborhood Council at the September meeting. The owner is looking to enclose an existing first floor entryway, increase living space of the fourth-floor unit into the existing fifth floor space, and install a new roof deck.

The Council voted 6-0 in support of the project. Watch the full presentation and follow along with the timeline below.

Image taken from Google Maps.

The building is located on the corner of North Margin Street and Cooper Street. It is an existing four family residential building.

(1:00) There’s an 8 square foot doorway on Cooper Street that used to be Joe and Mary’s storefront. The owner wants to fill in this doorway to make it part of the first floor unit. The entrance to all four residential units is on North Margin Street.

(1:37) On the rooftop there’s currently a head house and a 7′ x 11′ storage room. The owner wants to make this part of the living space for the fourth floor unit and add a roof deck for the exclusive use of the fourth floor unit.

(3:56) Images of the existing head house and the proposed renovated rooftop. The size and length of the head house is not going to change, but it will go up about 2 feet – it’s 7′ 10″ tall right now and the renovations will make it about 10 feet.

(4:39) The renovations of the rooftop storage room will come out 2′ 3″ to add about 25 sq. ft. of space. The roof deck will be approximately 100 sq. ft. of space.

(5:11) The pre-existing FAR (floor area ratio) is already in violation at 4.09, the renovations would make it 4.23.

(5:24) The ground floor would be one bedroom and an office. Unit 2 and 3 are not changing (both are three bedroom units).

(6:21) The existing building height is 49′ 6″ and the renovations would make it 51′ 5″.

(6:36) There was an abutters meeting and no attendees raised any opposition.

Questions from the council members begin at 6.57. There were no questions from the audience.