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2018 North End Feast Photos by Jeff Tamagini

Photographer Jeff Tamagini has been walking with the North End feast processions for several years. He is planning on making a book after about ten years. In the meantime, enjoy Jeff’s photos from the 2018 St. Agrippina, St. Anthony’s and Fisherman’s Feasts.

All photos by Jeff Tamagini, Tamagini Visuals. Contact Jeff at:

6 Replies to “2018 North End Feast Photos by Jeff Tamagini

  1. If he is going to do a book, hopefully he is going to write more the basic 101. What I mean, all the processions that go on in the North End for over 100 years. The so called smaller organizations that have been around beyond 100 years. Or those who were once larger, but due to declining interest or faith, no longer have large feast, but keep thier Sunday procession. That’s faith and commitment in my book. Or even organization that are gone, like the feast of Del Carmine ( mount Carmal ) which stopped many years ago, but I believe the statue is in the church or in the Della Cava club. We know have another feast to celebrate our heritage, San Gennaro, which many cities have, that have or have had Italian communities, though you can’t compare to NY, it’s nice that we still how, outsiders can’t tell us what the North End should be or what they want to turn it into. There is more to the North End then over price restaurants, coffee and pastry shops. We are the home of relegious organizations and feast. Quite a few books have been written about it over the years, one did get in deep about tradition. So I hope it’s more then just the feast who have food stands. There is much, much more to them.

  2. Been enjoying these great photos by this man for years. Great to finally add a name to the face.

  3. my grandfather started one when he was young. I think it was Modonna della Provvidenza. He said it didn’t last long. The drive wasn’t there like his parents generation.

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