95th Madonna Della Cava Feast Opening Ceremonies [Photo Gallery]

The Madonna Della Cava Society of Boston’s North End held their 95th annual feast on the weekend of August 7-9, 2015. The image of Maria SS Della Cava, Principal Patron of Pietraperzia, Sicily was rediscovered miraculously in the year 1223 by a mute from Trapani who was directed by Our Lady to proceed to the outskirts of the town where the portrait of Our Lady would be found. In the process, his speech and hearing were restored. The first words emitted by the mute were, “VIVA MARIA SS DELLA CAVA.” Read more at the society’s website,

Shown below are pictures from 2015 Opening Night ceremonies and procession of Madonna Della Cava in Boston’s North End. (Photo credit: Matt Conti)

Photo credit: Matt Conti.

2 Replies to “95th Madonna Della Cava Feast Opening Ceremonies [Photo Gallery]

  1. My Husband and I were at the feast Saturday afternoon. We had a stuffed artichoke and some stuffed eggplant, both were delicious. I did not see the name of the vendor we bought this food from, can you help? I looked though all the wonderful pictures you have here but did not see it. We really had a nice time listening to the live entertainment and talking with some many wonderful people in the beer garden. Love the North End.

    Thank you so very much.

    Kind regards,
    June Aquilano

    1. You probably ate at Meridian Market. They have booths at this Feast and the Feast of Saint Anthony. They are located in East Boston.

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