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“Capturing the Moment” at the 2012 Fisherman’s Feast by Jeff Tamagini

Photographer Jeff Tamagini with the cameras and hat in front of St. Agrippina procession. (Photo by Matt Conti)

In photography, it’s all about “capturing the moment.” One of the best in Boston at doing that is professional photographer and graphic designer, Jeff Tamagini. You may have seen him following the feast processions over the past several years. He’s the one with multiple cameras and (very heavy) big lenses dangling off his shoulders. He sustains himself with a backpack of ice water for the ten hours of walking the processions. After 10 years of documenting the feasts, he hopes to create a special photo book of these North End traditions.

Jeff shares his images on his own blog and was kind enough to allow us to display some here from the 2012 Fisherman’s Feast. We picked out our favorites, which is quite a few as you can see. (Since I included one of Jeff to the side here, it was only fair that I throw in the last one below too.) Photos from August 19, 2012 in Boston’s North End. See more photos from the Fisherman’s Feast here.

All photos in this gallery are copyright Jeff Tamagini.