Friends of the North End Library Upgrade Book Sale Procedure

About a year ago, the Friends of the North End Library improved their daily book sale at the library by adding more book shelves, sorting the books for sale and maintaining the sale area in a pleasant and orderly manner. The results were an immediate increase in sales. The sales have helped the Friends donate funds to the North End Library to buy furniture and other needed items, and to sponsor library programs.

The prices of the books are still a bargain. Paperbacks are $1.00 each and five paperbacks are $4.00. Hardcover books are $2.00 each and three hardcover books are $5.00.

The book sales are so successful that we needed to upgrade our payment system. Instead of taking the time of going to the desk to pay for your books, you can now pay for your books by placing your money, or a check, in the small red cash box hanging near the books for sale. You can also make donations, pay your annual membership fee, give for a Giving Tree item (Giving Tree is displayed at the library), buy a tote bag or pay for an event or trip. You can use the envelopes attached to the red cash box by adding your name on the envelope, selecting the type of donation, adding money to the envelope and dropping the envelope in the slot on the cash box, or you can just drop money into the cash box at any time for any reason.

The Friends encourage you to drop off your extra books when you buy a book. You can very easily buy a book, read it (or not) and return it to the library to save space at home. Think of the book sale as really a book swap with friends you have not yet met. Buy a book, return a book. All the joys of book browsing and reading without the hassle of having books piled up at home.

For more information about the Friends of the NE Library, or if you have any questions, please send an email to, or go to our website: for membership and program information.

We thank you for any and all donations to the red cash box.

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