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Dedicating and Ribbon Cutting at Carolyn Lynch Garden on the Greenway

Peter Lynch of the Lynch Foundation and Jesse Brackenbury of the Greenway Conservancy cut the ribbon on the Carolyn Lynch Garden with members of the Lynch Family.

The Greenway Conservancy and The Lynch Foundation celebrated the new Carolyn Lynch Garden with a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony in late August 2018.

“There are only a few gardens like these in Boston. It’s beautiful: now light has come to The Greenway,” said Peter Lynch, president of The Lynch Foundation. “Being here with my family today to celebrate the ribbon-cutting is a wonderful feeling.”

It was from Carolyn Lynch that the vision for the garden was provided. Many of the ideas and plants were derived from her Ireland and Massachusetts homes. The newly constructed space features four-season plantings, with a European-style design, in keeping with the park’s original design. Inspiration was taken from Carolyn’s tulip beds in Ireland as were the thistle-like plants (Sea Holly, Teasel) from her Massachusetts garden. Echinacea will also be highlighted within the garden. The sloped areas feature ornamental grasses along with taller perennials.

Carolyn Lynch Garden

The beds were created under the supervision of the Greenway Conservancy, including Jesse Brackenbury, Executive Director and Senior Horticulturist, Darrah Cole. The result was to turn a sterile line of boxwoods into a green and gorgeous garden with a strike of colors.

A thoughtless walk in the garden and you forget the skyscrapers on the perimeter. The garden is the perfect setting for city life experiences … couples telling sweet flatterings to each other; reading the paper with a cup of joe; children giggling and running.

New furniture at the Carolyn Lynch Garden

The garden is located on the south side of Hanover Street (also known as Parcel 10), across from the Haymarket Hotel site. This project follows 2015 improvements on the northern side (Parcel 8), though the gardens on the southern side are twice as large as the northern beds. The dedicated gardens are part of a $1.4 million gift from The Lynch Foundation.

The Carolyn Lynch Garden is open throughout all seasons and lit through the late evenings for anyone to enjoy.

All photos by Ariel Amaya.