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Where to Watch the World Cup in the North End

Remember 2006, when the North End’s Hanover Street was filled by thousands of fans to celebrate Italy’s World Cup victory? Well, that won’t happen this year. Italy is not in the World Cup for the first time since 1958. The United States team did not make it either, so the mood around town is more subdued in 2018. Still, there are plenty of teams to cheer on leading up to the Final Match on Sunday, July 15th. Russia is hosting the World Cup this year, so the games are generally shown live in the morning here in the Boston area.

Here is a rundown of where to join local fans for a World Cup game in and around Boston’s North End:

CAFFÈ DELLO SPORT, 308 Hanover St., Boston or Facebook page
Huge screens and a very knowledgeable fan base. Get there early as lines form for the big games.

CAFFÈ PARADISO, 255 Hanover St., Boston or Facebook page
Soccer banners line the ceiling with lots of screens. Known for its homemade gelato and cannoli.

MODERN PASTRY, 257 Hanover St., Boston or Facebook page
Modern’s recent expansion Underground has a full service sports bar, plus all the pastries!

VITO’S TAVERN, 54 Salem St., Boston or Facebook page
One street over from Hanover, six flat screen TVs and a menu packed with stadium favorites, beers & cocktails.

ROCCO’S CUCINA & BAR, 450 Commercial St., Boston or Facebook page
The waterfront location is perfect for games, day or night with a full menu and drinks.

DUCALI PIZZERIA & BAR, 289 Causeway St., Boston or Facebook page
This Roman style pizzeria is near North Station with plenty of screens for game watching.

Did we miss your favorite? Add it to the comments below.


On TV, Fox Sports is broadcasting most of the games according to the following schedule.

Thursday, June 14
11 a.m. – Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group 1), Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, FOX

Friday, June 15
8 a.m.– Egypt vs Uruguay (Group A), Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg, FS1
11 a.m. – Morocco vs Iran (Group B), St. Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg, FOX
2 p.m. – Portugal vs Spain (Group B), Fisht Stadium, Sochi, FOX

Saturday, June 16
6 a.m. – France vs Australia (Group C), Kazan Arena, Kazan, FS1
9 a.m. – Argentina vs Iceland (Group D, Spartak Stadium, Moscow, FOX
Noon – Peru vs Denmark (Group C), Mordovia Arena, Saransk, FS1
3 p.m.  – Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D), Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, FS1

Sunday, June 17
8 a.m. – Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E), Samara Arena, Samara, FOX
11:00 a.m. – Germany vs Mexico (Group F), Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, FS1
2 p.m. – Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E), Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, FS1

Monday, June 18
8 a.m. – Sweden vs Korea Republic (Group F), Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, FS1
11 a.m. – Belgium vs Panama (Group G), Fisht Stadium, Sochi, FS1
2 p.m. – Tunisia vs England (Group G), Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, FS1

Tuesday, June 19
8 a.m. – Colombia vs Japan (Group H), Mordovia Arena, Saransk, FS1
11 a.m. – Poland vs Senegal (Group H), Spartak Stadium, Moscow, FOX
2 p.m. – Russia vs Egypt (Group A), St. Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg, FOX

Wednesday, June 20
8 a.m. – Portugal vs Morocco (Group B), Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, FS1
11 a.m. – Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A), Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, FOX
2 p.m. – Iran vs Spain (Group B), Kazan Arena, Kazan, FOX

Thursday, June 21
8 a.m. – Denmark vs Australia (Group C), Samara Arena, Samara, FS1
11 a.m. – France vs Peru (Group C), Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg, FOX
2 p.m. – Argentina vs Croatia (Group D), Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, FOX

Friday, June 22
8 a.m. – Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E), St. Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg, FS1
11 a.m. – Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D), Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, FOX
2 p.m. – Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E), Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, FOX

Saturday, June 23
8 a.m. – Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G), Spartak Stadium, Moscow, FOX
11 a.m. – Korea Republic vs Mexico (Group F), Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, FOX
2 p.m. – Germany vs Sweden (Group F), Fisht Stadium, Sochi, FOX

Sunday, June 24
8 a.m. – England vs Panama (Group G), Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, FS1
11 a.m. – Japan vs Senegal (Group H), Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg, FOX
2 p.m. – Poland vs Colombia (Group H), Kazan Arena, Kazan, FOX

Monday, June 25
10 a.m. – Group A: Uruguay vs Russia, Samara Arena, Samara, FOX; Saudi Arabia vs Egypt, Volgograd Arena, Volgograd FS1
2 p.m. – Group B: Iran vs Portugal, Mordovia Arena, Saransk, FOX; Spain vs Morocco Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, FS1

Tuesday, June 26
10 a.m. – Group C: Denmark vs France, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, FOX; Australia vs Peru, Fisht Stadium, Sochi, FS1
2 p.m. – Group D: Nigeria vs Argentina, St. Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg, FOX; Iceland vs Croatia, Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, FS1

Wednesday, June 27
10 a.m. – Group F: Mexico vs Sweden, Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg, FOX; Korea Republic vs Germany, Kazan Arena, Kazan, FS1
2 p.m. – Group E: Serbia vs Brazil, Spartak Stadium, Moscow, FOX; Switzerland vs Costa, Rica Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, FS1

Thursday, June 28
10 a.m. – Group H: Senegal vs Colombia, Samara Arena, Samara, FOX; Japan vs Poland, Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, FS1
2 p.m. – Group G: England vs Belgium, Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, FOX; Panama vs Tunisia, Mordovia Arena, Saransk, FS1

The knockout stages begin June 30 for the final matches through July 15th when the final will take place.

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  1. The North End contingent of Swedes, Danes and Icelanders would fill a table at Café della Sport.

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