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Police Blotter: Prince Street Party (AirBnB), Bike Larceny, Breaking & Entering on Unity Street

The following are recent incidents reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

Operating Under the Influence (Drugs)

06/16/18     12:19 a.m.
Police Officers responded to a large party at a Prince Street apartment that was being rented through AirBnB. Officers cleared the party and the party goers were standing in the street blocking traffic and causing a large scene.

At this time a male suspect was smoking marijuana and refused to put it out. The suspect entered a Toyota Camry and attempted to drive away while smoking; he was stopped by officers and arrested for OUI (Drugs) and Disorderly.

Larceny (Bikes)
06/13 – 06/14/18     10:30 p.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Victims (2) report that they locked their Allez Specialized bikes outside of a Hanover Street building. When they returned the next morning, the bikes were gone.

Breaking & Entering – Residential
06/14/18    6:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Unity Street resident reports an unknown person forced open the front door of his apartment. Victim stated an Xbox1, Link Modem and a Coast Guard ring were stolen from the apartment.

17 Replies to “Police Blotter: Prince Street Party (AirBnB), Bike Larceny, Breaking & Entering on Unity Street

  1. What’s so stupid about the party incident is that Ik one of them I went to high school with him note he is not the suspect because I saw his IG and SC stories and so ain’t his buddy. I’m not saying his name for his sake. To him grow up….. And to his pal Thomas. They like to do skits and I saw they were bringing a party to the North End.

  2. Glad the city passed those new short term rental ordinances to stop these greedy unregulated investor unit and the revolving door of strangers staying in residential dwellings with no regard or decency to the actual North End residents, both new and long-time. Time to bring back real residents living in the North End. What a novel concept!

  3. For all ABnB’s lobbying, they manage to defeat themselves. Expect more legislation as time goes on and things like this proliferate.

  4. 3 N Hudson st is owned by Anzalone Realty and managed by Domio. The fake NY company. Rent is so cheap that it’s frequented by very sketchy people. Maybe some paid by the hour.

  5. Is there anything we can do to get this Air BnB shut down? Loud and rowdy people are streaming in and out weekly. It is clear no one lives in the building and it is just used, hostel style, for travelers.

  6. This is absolutely disgraceful and is not just an isolated incident. This has been happening every weekend for the past MONTH. When you call the cops they simply say “keep calling when it happens”. It’s so disrespectful to the actual north end residents who are trying to sleep at 3 am. That AirBnb is a revolving door, I have no idea how it hasn’t been shut down by now. Last weekend the fire alarm was set off until 5 am. Something needs to be done to insure the security of the residents in the neighborhood and restore it to the respectful north end that we know to love. As someone who lives close by, I would love to get some sleep on the weekends and not be woken up by screaming people until 4am. Absolutely absurd. Do something about it.

    1. Will the neighborhood ever hold Bova’s accountable for staying open all night, attracting rowdy drunks from all over the downtown area between 12-4am?! Stop putting greed ahead of consideration for NE families and be a better neighbor!

  7. I’m glad my parents didn’t see this happening to the best neighborhood in this counrry,which they loved.

  8. I agree Roger !!! I feel the same way about Connie and Eddie Pal !!

    These landowners are just inviting trouble~~~~but of course, some do not even live on the premises !!!!

  9. as a life long NE’er, how i miss the days of Floppy, Cleo, Augie, Tony, Joe, Ricky… i can go on and on, only LIFELONG NE’ers will know who I’m talking about

    1. no not a joke just a fact that they kept order and would not allow whats going on in the NE today

  10. No,,back in the 70’s none of this would even be tolerated ,,they wouldn’t be scattered in less than 10 mins,,my crew and the crews before us would never stand for this,,My boys Georgie D,,,Kenny D,,The Judge,,go back further as mentioned Floppy,,Joe S.,,and then you got the guys who basically controlled Oerter in the north end,,those days were the best!

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