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Public Action for Arts and Education Sponsors After School Arts Programs at the Nazzaro Center

Thanks to continued support from Public Action for Arts and Education (PAAE), the Nazzaro Center in the North End has sustained a thriving arts program for the past eleven years.

Under the direction of arts teacher Josephine Lepore, the center offers children instruction in drawing (pencil, black and white, charcoal), and also oil painting and other projects.

Approximately fifty students participate in various arts projects starting in September and ending in May.

At the end of the year, all students’ artwork is judged by members of the PAAE Board. Prizes are given to all the students after being selected by the judges.

We would like to thank Board Members Julie Alagna, Derek Brandt, and Alan Rouleau who served as judges at this year’s Nazzaro Center Arts event.

For further information, please contact PAAE at (617) 448-9974 or email: