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Mirabella Pool Opens for Summer 2018

North End’s Mirabella Pool on Boston Harbor (NEWF Photo)

Summer is here, which means the Mirabella Pool will be opening!

The pool is scheduled to open on Saturday, June 16. Recreational swim hours will be Monday – Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m; Saturday and Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The rates for a season pass are as follows:

  • Adults (age 20 – 61): $20
  • Teens (age 13 – 19): $10
  • Youth (age 6 – 12): $5
  • Age 5 and under: Free
  • Age 62 and older: $5
  • Active Military (with ID): Free

Rates are double for non-Boston residents. There are no day or guest passes. All fees must be paid with a money order.

Early Bird Special! Memberships can be purchased at the Nazzaro Center at 30 N. Bennet Street from June 4 – June 15 for only $10 for adult residents. (This year, only money orders will be accepted for the early bird special.)

More swim schedule details will be added to the BCYF Mirabella Pool webpage as they become available.

12 Replies to “Mirabella Pool Opens for Summer 2018

  1. Membership payment for 2018 requires a MONEY ORDER – no cash, checks nor credit cards are accepted.

  2. What’s going on here? Money orders only. And the pool is closed to public swim on weekdays from 3-4:45. Are they trying to keep children from the pool? Last year, Nazzaro swim didn’t close the pool to the public. I really hope someone changes these times. Doesn’t make any sense! Not a good sign from the recent changes at the Nazzaro.

  3. The 7-11 on Hanover is indefinitely out of the paper to print money orders. This will make what was an annoying policy unbearableand will actually keep people from outside the neighborhood away when they show up beach chairs inyow on a Sunday. I hope the policy isn’t really to keep out ethnicities from other neighborhoods. Why only money orders? Why not venmo too? Are personal check that risky? Maybe I understand not using cash, but not really.

    1. Interestingly enough, both Mirabella and the Clougherty Pool (Charlestown) were listed as money orders only on the BCYF city website a few days ago. However, as of today, both web pages for those pools are down.

  4. If you notice the times that the pool is closed it says camps. Plenty of Boston public schools and inner city have the right to bring kids to the pool. You may not like it but maybe after that tragic accident at Carson beach last year they are figuring it will be safer to bring the kids there instead of the beach. As for the money orders you can go to the post office or a bank and get one. The pool is now run by the city of Boston not the Nazzaro. Things change, the Nazzaro center is there to make peoples lives easier to get your pool pass.

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