Community People

Father’s Day at the ABCD Neighborhood Service Center

The ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) chose a sunny warm Friday to celebrate Father’s Day and the roles that the dads we know – be those parents, grandparents, brothers, uncles, sons, or friends – play in our lives.

Edmond Cormier from the North End Rehabilitation and Health Care Center organized a hot, fresh luncheon from Billy Tse’s in the North End. There were egg rolls, rice, chicken fingers, and a popular favorite – beef and broccoli! The NE/WE NSC sincerely thanks Sami Almadi, Administrator/Executive Director; Jennifer Raymond, Director of Physician Relations and Network Development as well. There were fortune cookies for dessert, and seniors enjoyed reading the fortunes and talking about luck and fortune in their lives. For many seniors watching their diet, Chinese food is an occasional indulgence and there was even enough food to take home!

Victor Brogna plays the trumpet.

What did seniors have to say about the luncheon? “I haven’t had Chinese food in ages!”  “Another delicious lunch thanks to the North End Rehabilitation and Health Care Center!”  “Where’s Ed today?” (He had a conflict but he was definitely missed.) “I’m going to play these fortune cookie numbers for the next lottery!”

Would you like to join the fun? Please call the NE/WE NSC directly at 617-523-8125 to reserve your spot for future luncheons, which the NE/WE NSC will advertise in advance.  New clients must sign up to obtain free membership with ABCD.