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Reader Poll: Should Logan Airport Replace Shuttle Buses with a “People Mover”?

A few years ago, there were talks of a moving walkway at Logan Airport to carry travelers from Terminal E to the MBTA Airport station, but this never came to be. Instead, we still see shuttle buses connecting the Silver Line and Blue Line to airport terminals.

Now, the Massachusetts Port Authority is running a study to see if, instead of moving walkways, an automated “People Mover” such as an elevated monorail could be the answer to Logan Airport’s ground transit woes. This map on the Boston Globe displays the potential monorail loop.

Of course, building a monorail would be expensive. MassPort estimates it could be a ten year, $1 billion project, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What do you think? Should Logan Airport replace shuttle buses with a people mover? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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4 Replies to “Reader Poll: Should Logan Airport Replace Shuttle Buses with a “People Mover”?

  1. I’m not sure that Logan is big enough for something like that. I’ve been to sprawling airports where these a very necessary because you need to change terminals to get to flights. The bus transit at Logan is fairly good. Unless you’re going from domestic to international, how often do you have to leave the terminal to connect? Compare it with JFK which really needs a monorail because I always change terminals there and the concourse bus system is a joke.

  2. Elevated fixed-guideway suspended-coach state-of-art system like Swift Tram beats shuttles and monorails. Lightweight, highly energy efficient. Frees up ground level below, and could be adapted for people or cargo.

  3. If we are a world class city then a people mover is a must. Logan continues to grow and to compete with other major cities these type of amenities are a given.

  4. Perhaps a suspended Monorail since it’s track is shielded from bad weather. This might be the best choice for an all weather 24/7/365 system. A Disney-like straddle Monorail would require heated beams at considerable cost.

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