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Langone & Puopolo Parks Community Meeting May 21

The third community meeting regarding improvements for Langone & Puopolo Parks will be held on Monday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center. At a previous meeting, three design alternatives were presented – Boston Parks & Recreation will now share the preferred design and hear feedback from attendees.

One Reply to “Langone & Puopolo Parks Community Meeting May 21

  1. So I looked over the 3 design concepts again, and I’m curious about a few things. Why wouldn’t the extension of the harborwalk only be included in all 3 optioons. Why couldn’t water access be included in all 3 options. The playground you really need to keep centrally located amongst the fields so that parents can both watch games as well as keep an eye on younger ones in the playground.

    Does it have to be 1 concept as is, or can we pick apart the 3 to make a 4th concept that works better? As it stands, concept 2 seems to check all the boxes, but then they don’t include the harborwalk extension. I find that odd…..

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