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HarborWalk Signage Project Presented at Neighborhood Council Meeting

Liz Nelson Weaver and Jan Engelman of the Friends of the Boston HarborWalk presented the HarborWalk Signage Project at the March North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting.

The Friends of the Boston HarborWalk’s mission is to enhance enjoyment of the HarborWalk. They do three major things (00:46): monthly walks of the HarborWalk, the signage project, and facilitate HarborWalk clean-ups.

The signage project looks at the interpretative signs and the wayfinding signs that are maps showing where the HarborWalk actually is (1:25).

Liz Nelson Weaver presented on the interpretative signs (2:18) and their work on a consistent template for all HarborWalk signage.

Some of their first signs will be put up in East Boston (7:33). When developers build on or improve a waterfront property, they are required to put up a HarborWalk and signage. The Friends of the Boston HarborWalk do the research and provide the writing to the developers.

The Friends of the Boston HarborWalk are also working on a website where extended stories for each sign will live (9:50). The signs will have a QR code that visitors can scan on their phone to read more.

Jan Engelman presented on the master plan for the North End (11:28).

Jan is doing research on historic events for the North End and finding specific stories for signage in the neighborhood. One idea is for Langone Park which the city is going to be renovating (14:36). The Friends of the Boston HarborWalk have ideas for four to six signs for that area.

A council member pointed out that many residents appreciate the lack of tourists wandering through the neighborhood and down the wharves. Will there be resources and support to help with increased traffic in the community? (16:29)

Liz and Jan explained the signs are not going to be directional, but more a way of letting people know the area is open to the public and about the history of that location (18:30). The signage will not be like a second Freedom Trail.

Learn more about the Friends of the Boston HarborWalk and how to get involved here.