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Get the Sandbags and AquaFences Out!

Ahead of Friday’s major coastal storm, the city and property owners on Boston’s waterfront are preparing for extreme flooding and high-tide concerns. Record flooding and 15 feet+ high tides, damage could be worse than during January’s storm and close major thoroughfares along Atlantic Avenue and Commercial Street. See full NWS storm forecast here.

The MBTA placed sand bags at Aquarium and Orient Heights on the MBTA Blue Line, Fenway on the MBTA Green Line in order to deploy as needed and mitigate any water issues that may occur.

At Aquarium Station, escalators and elevators on the Long Wharf-side of Aquarium sustained extensive water damage during the January weather event and will remain out of service for several weeks.

Atlantic Wharf has deployed the “AquaFence” around its entire building.

One Reply to “Get the Sandbags and AquaFences Out!

  1. The acqua fenses are an interesting concept. I would love to know whether they worked or not. Aside from water rushing in from the outside, there is an issue with Boston being largely developed on top of fill. It has had centuries to settle, but I wonder how much building flooding could be caused by basement leaks? I see the work being done on Atlantic Ave being done above loose bricks. If the water drains into these bricks into the ground is the foundation strong enough to keep the water out? If the water table is above the ground level, would the water table arise under the acqua fense and seep into the contained area from under the ground?

    I figure this storm will be a good test.

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