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A&J Art + Design Presents North Square Redesign Update at Neighborhood Council Meeting

Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier of A&J Art+Design presented an update on the North Square public art project at the March North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting.

The artwork, expected to be installed in September / October 2018, will include four interactive sculptures:

1. North Square View in 1798 (2:12)

2. Bronze map of the North End in 2018 (3:57)

3. A suitcase with different scenes that will tell immigration stories (6:00). The outside of the suitcase will have 3-dimensional luggage labels that will be drawn by students at St. John School and the Eliot School.

4. Imaginative marine instrument. The sculpture will be made up of different scopes and people can look through each scope to see different historic images (13:51).

Examples of images seen through the scopes.

There will also be a story vault, connected to the map (17:07). This will be a community-based archive of local stories submitted by the public.

A website has been setup to provide in depth information about the project in progress, share social media links, and allow the community to give feedback and participate in the process. If you’d like to get more involved, sign up to be on the North Square Public Art Community Advisory Panel.