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Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) Candidates Elevated; Election Cancelled [Video]

The withdrawal of a candidate for North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) has resulted in just six residents to fill the same number of open slots on the council. Accordingly, NEWNC leadership announced there will not be an election on May 18th as previously scheduled.

Longtime NEWNC member, Sean Hennessey, withdrew his candidacy at the May 13th meeting, explaining that his family will soon be moving to Charlestown [00:15 in video]. As such, the remaining six candidates will be automatically elevated to the council.

Damien DiPaola* (1 Lathrop Place)
Tania Green* (20 Margaret)
Carmine Guarino* (22 Thacher)
Ashley Leo* (39 Commercial Wharf)
Tina Natale* (161 Salem)
Mike Salvati (61 Prince)

These 6 candidates will join the other five candidates already on the council: Patrick Bova, Jody Faller, John Pregmon, Brett Roman, and Marie Simboli, who were elected in 2018. The remaining seat remains unoccupied until next year’s election so the council will have 11 members for the 2019-2020 year.

The 2019 candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves at the May 13th NEWNC meeting. Follow along in the above video with the timeline shown next to their names and information submitted to NorthEndWaterfront.com.

Carmine Guarino [02:45 in video]

  • The reason I am running again is because I am a life long resident (born and raised) of the North End. I’ve seen the drastic changes that the neighborhood has gone through. While the transition over the years has been overall a good thing I still want to make sure that we continue to maintain the flavor and traditions that have made our neighborhood strong. It continues to be a wonderful place to live and I want to make sure that the new generation gets to experience and appreciate it as well.

Ashley Leo [03:30]

Ashley Leo
  • Market Activation Manager at Pernod Ricard USA
  • North End resident since 2009
  • Served on NEWNC since May 2017
  • Accomplishments while serving on NEWNC
    • NEWNC liaison to RUFF North End Dog Group
      • Participate in RUFF meetings and events
      • Assist RUFF Chairpersons in event creation and fundraising activities
      • Created and executed RUFF North End ‘Yappy Hour’ events in 2018
      • Drive awareness to be respectful of the neighborhood and clean up after your dog
    • Aided in the blocking of Starbucks entering the gateway of the North End and changing the building façade
    • Participated in City of Boston Love Your Block Clean Up Day
    • Attend community events/meetings to ensure our voice as a neighborhood is heard by city leaders
  • I have so much love and passion for my North End neighborhood. I met my husband here, we have a baby on the way, and are going to raise our growing family here.  Our kids will be attending North End schools and will also be active members in the community.  I joined this council in 2017 to have my passion become a voice in our neighborhood.  I am eager to help make the North End an even better place than it already is.  As a liaison to RUFF, I want to help make our neighborhood cleaner, and create events that allow neighbors to connect with each other.  It is important that we bring members of our community together.  I am excited to have the opportunity to run for re-election, and continue my efforts.  I look forward to tackling concerns head on, and fight for what our neighborhood believes in. 

Tania Green [04:45]

Tania Green
  • Director of Marketing and Brand Development at Healthworks Group
  • North End resident since 2011
  • Volunteered at the Big Sister Association at the Elliot School
  • Served on NEWNC since May 2017
  • Accomplishments while serving on NEWNC
    • Served as chairwoman of crime and public safety
    • Created initiatives to drive Fake Monk Mafia out of the North End
    • Consistently voted against any property changes that raised red flags about Airbnb usage
    • Helped to ensure that the men disrespecting St. Leonard’s peace garden faced consequences
    • Aided in the blocking of Starbucks entering the gateway of the North End and changing the building façade
    • Election 2018 volunteer support
    • City of Boston Love Your Block Clean Up Day 2018 and 2019
  • The North End is the greatest neighborhood of all time, and it is a great privilege to be a part of it. My goal is to preserve the North End’s magic and charm. Millions of people from all over the world choose to visit this beautiful and historical neighborhood every year. It is our job to protect and preserve it. I am relentless and ruthless; I will always ask tough questions of people trying to come in or change this neighborhood. It’s our responsibility to hold their heels to the fire and make sure they are working within the best interest of this neighborhood. I am thrilled to run for re-election, and I appreciate your vote!

Tina Natale [06:30]

  • As a lifelong resident of the North End, it has been an honor and privilege to serve on NEWNC. It is my priority to represent our community’s concerns, vision and needs. My vote will always be aligned with what is best for the neighborhood. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on this council again and hope I can count on your vote on May 18.

Michael Salvati [07:35]

  • In order to represent our values and principles as North Enders, I, Michael Salvati, will be running for a seat on the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council. I have chosen to become a candidate in this election because I believe that I have the skills, ability, willpower, and knowledge to steer our neighborhood in the right direction. As an individual who is about to graduate from Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School, I believe that I can benefit our great neighborhood through means of giving back to a community that I have called home my entire life.
  • As a freshman candidate, I believe that I am ready to use my abilities as a hard worker to greatly benefit my community for the future. In order to keep our neighborhood on the right path, we need individuals who are willing to represent our beliefs, culture, and desires through a democratic electoral process. That is why I am asking for your vote on Saturday, May 18th, 2019; a vote that will create a positive step in the right direction for our community for years to come.

Damien DiPaola – not in attendance.

The next NEWNC meeting is scheduled for June 10, 2019, 7pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All are welcome to attend.

4 Replies to “Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) Candidates Elevated; Election Cancelled [Video]

    1. NEWNC is the original NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL. Council members are ELECTED to two year terms and are the only ones who can vote on items before the Council. residents attending the meeting are allowed to comment, discuss their opposition for the Council members to take into consideration when deciding about an item on the agenda. Residents not in attendance can also express their opinion/concerns to the Council President or other Council member
      NEWRA is the RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION that was a splinter group formed several years after NEWNC . It is a PAY DUES MEMBERSHIP association that is open to residents of the North End and Waterfront. PAID MEMBERS get to vote .

  1. Way to go Michael Salvati. It’s great to see the younger generation stepping up! Can’t wait to watch you do great things both on the Council and in your life. I will always be a big supporter.

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