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Ward 3 Democrats Elect Delegates at 2018 Caucus [Video]

Democrats from Ward 3 held their annual caucus in Boston’s North End on Saturday to elect delegates for the upcoming State Convention, being held this June in Worcester. Delegates will choose the Democratic candidates for Mass. Governor, U.S. Senator and other statewide offices including Treasurer, Auditor and Attorney General. Both Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano represent portions of Ward 3 with the latter being challenged in the upcoming primary by current city councilor Ayanna Pressley.

Ward 3 was awarded 22 delegates (11 male, 11 female, 5 alternates) living throughout the North End, Downtown Waterfront, West End, Financial District, Beacon Hill, Downtown, Bulfinch Triangle, South End, Chinatown and the Leather District.

Several local officials were on hand at the caucus. Follow the proceedings in the above video using this summary video timeline.

(00:00 in video) Welcome by Ward 3 Democrats Chair Jason Aluia with Treasurer Maryann D’Amato and Secretary Blake Webber.

(02:50) State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg speaks to the caucus.

(05:10) State Representative Aaron Michlewitz

(07:00) Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins speaking on behalf of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

(09:45) Anne Tate, wife of Mass. Governor candidate Bob Massie

(17:30) Blake Webber reads a statement from Mass. Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford 

(20:00) Add on delegate procedures – Jeremy Comeau, State Committee

(22:10) Nominations for male Ward 3 delegates

(29:10) Nominations for female Ward 3 delegates

(35:30) District 1 City Councilor Lydia Edwards

(38:20) Voting for Delegates

Elected Ward 3 Male Delegates

  • Bobby Dello Russo
  • Dino Difronzo
  • Patrick Lyons
  • Conor Finley
  • Stephen Passacantilli
  • John Pregmon
  • Blake Webber
  • Luigi Natale
  • Sal Bartolo
  • Austin Blackmon
  • James Chan

Elected Ward 3 Female Delegates

  • Maria Lanza
  • Ann Roach
  • Maryann D’Amato
  • Jackie Carlino
  • Tina Abate
  • Kate Davis
  • Karen D’Amico
  • Kathryn Burton
  • Jordan Smith
  • Joanne Hayes-Rines
  • Kim Thai

Elected Alternate Delegates

  • Female: Darlene Romano, Bonnie McGilpin
  • Male: Ian Kea, Frank Ulip
  • Male or Female: Maria Michlewitz

(48:00) Concluding remarks and caucus adjournment

The 2018 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention will be held at the DCU Center in Worcester on June 1st and 2nd, 2018.