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Police Blotter: Motor Vehicle Larceny and Vandalism

There are two auto-related incidents on this week’s journal log from Boston Police District A-1.

Larceny from Motor Vehicle
01/17    9:00am       – 01/19/18     10:45am
Victim reports parking his 2012 Volvo S60 on Clark Street. When he returned to the vehicle, sunglasses, peacoat, and motor vehicle registration was missing. No damage to vehicle.

Vandalism of Motor Vehicle
01/04/18  1:00pm     01/19/18   6:40pm
Victim reports 2008 Jeep which was parked on Prince Street was vandalized the front passenger window was broken.

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  1. that story on larceny from a motor vehicle is at least 4 incidents from cars in last 2 weeks
    I do not recall this before , and i have lived here a long time …….

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