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AirBnb’s Anthony Lists Dozens of North End Units

Airbnb’s Anthony listing, via Commonwealth Magazine

Airbnb host “Anthony” had over 40 listings in the North End with a clean cut picture and a bio describing an entrepreneur “living the startup life.” There was only one issue when residents started to complain. Anthony did not exist. The profile was created by a short-term rental management company, Domio, out of New York.

This winter’s Commonwealth Magazine cover story details how short-term rentals are changing Boston’s neighborhoods in “The Airbnb gold rush is on.” The article features interviews with State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, sponsor of proposed legislation to regulate short-term rentals and neighborhood advocates including North End resident Ford Cavallari of the Alliance of Downtown Civic Organizations (ADCO). In a sidebar, CW reports “Everyone knows Anthony in the North End — Just not this one.”

Read more at Commonwealth Magazine online.

8 Replies to “AirBnb’s Anthony Lists Dozens of North End Units

  1. No surprise since there is no regulation on this industry. A few years ago there was discussion about regulating for safety and parity but the balls been dropped. AirBNB is really hard on the neighborhood. Absentee landlords, more transients, less neighbors who care about keeping their properties and streets clean. 4000 potential Boston residents are displaced by this business. No taxes gained in return, no benefits to the local neighborhoods.

    1. This is a common sentiment. So far any regulations have been local. There are issues with enforcement and comlpliance. Manpower to enforce. And then if fines are issued, what is the remedy should the owners simply thumb their nose. I am guessing in the end that it will have to regulated by the state legislature, instead of local ordinance. Otherwise, you end up contending with people arguing “Why is it OK to rnt out my beach house on the cape and no my condo in the North End?”. I think the difference is obvious, but the arguement in the hands of a lawyer and you throw reason out the window. Until there is some regulation, I suggest a constant barrage of 311 complaints.

  2. Domio rents out the entire building and use it like a hotel. Domio has a van that parks on my street to flip the AIRBNB units daily. I see them servicing other building around the neighborhood. They put out the trash days early. They do not clean up the trash left in front of these property’s. When buildings are used like this there should be some regulations for health and safety like a hotel. This is an accident waiting to happen. This does nothing for the North End and our community. This erodes our neighborhood. I hope something is done about this.

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