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Zoning Board Approves Three North End Proposals

A three-building new construction project has been proposed at 5-7-9 Jerusalem Place, currently a parking lot on the narrow street located off Salem and N. Margin Streets.

Three proposals relating to development in the North End were approved (Nov. 28) by the City of Boston Board of Appeals Board of Directors.

Plans by Anthony Virgilio to renovate the existing basement and add stairs at 431-439 Hanover Street received ISD approval.

A request by Anthony Longo to change the legal occupancy at 25-29 Prince Street from one family dwelling and restaurant use to only a restaurant also received the go-ahead by the Board.

ISD approval was also given to redirect a two-family dwelling in between 5 and 9 Jerusalem Place.

The development was also granted approval to construct additional stories to 5, 7 and 9 Jerusalem Place, not to exceed 55-feet and with parking for each building.