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Reader Poll: Would You Ride In A Self-Driving Car?

You can now take a Lyft ride in a self-driving vehicle, thanks to a partnership between this ride-hailing app and the driverless car startup nuTonomy.

The companies recently started offering autonomous rides to passengers in a short testing zone from Fort Point Channel to the marine industrial park. Read more in The Boston Globe.

The topic of self-driving cars has been highly debated in the news and on social media over the past year. Advocates for these machines argue there will be less traffic and fewer accidents, while others are hesitant to trust a robotic vehicle.

What do you think? Would you ride in a self-driving car? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

5 Replies to “Reader Poll: Would You Ride In A Self-Driving Car?

  1. On one hand , it would nice to be in a car that knows the rules. On the other hand, this is Boston where no one cares. The light is green, yes, the car knows it has the right of way, but knowing Boston, you need to look to see what is coming through the red. Is this like driving with tourist, unaware and a sitting duck.

  2. If it’s self driving, why would WE need to watch out for cars running red lights? You might as well drive the car if you’re obliged to watch out. That defeats the purpose of self-driving cars, doesn’t it? What’s the point of these cars? Would you relax – totally – in the back seat?
    I would not. Hey ! I love driving, even in Boston! Worst idea I’ve come upon in many, many, many years. It won’t last. At least, I doubt it will.

  3. I also thought there should be a zero-tolerance policy in the city limits. How it gets inforced is the tough nut to crack… but just imagine the revenue initially, and then the civility that would follow! I heard about a town in Europe that has a speed-camera lottery where “good drivers” get to win money that bad drivers pay in fines. Imagine that!

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