Reader Poll: What’s the Most Important Improvement Needed at Langone & Puopolo Parks?

Last week, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department hosted their first community meeting to discuss proposed improvements for Langone & Puopolo Parks on Commercial Street in the North End. The city has budgeted about $4.5 million to rehabilitate the park facilities and will be planning out how to use this funding over the next year, before construction begins in Spring 2019. Read more about the project, including a photo timeline of the parks, here.

What do you think is the most important focus in improving these North End parks? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

To learn more and give your input, visit the City of Boston project page. The project team will present design alternatives at the next meeting, hopefully to be scheduled before the end of the year.

4 Replies to “Reader Poll: What’s the Most Important Improvement Needed at Langone & Puopolo Parks?

  1. The so called “Dead Space” is the best view in the park and great for relaxing or reading a book. Please don’t ruin this with more junk. This is literally the nicest and most relaxing space in the city and you shouldn’t destroy it. Use the money to clear out the hobo feces under the Charlestown bridge or to connect the new multi million bike path to nowhere to the bike path under the Zakim bridge, so that this investment doesn’t go to waste. You need to put trash cans near this space though. You will notice that there is no trash near the bocci courts which have too many cans, but this “dead space” has litter everywhere.

    1. Agreed. Sometimes less is more. What’s currently present is good and fits everyone’s needs, we just need the park renovated up to todays standards. Puopolo fields should be turf. That space is very much underutilized with organized sports, as the two baseball fields in present form don’t allow other fields such as soccer or lax. One big turf field could accommodate many more sports if properly lined. I go back and forth on turf with the Langone field. While my preference is to maintain a grass field, I can understand that turf is probably more practical. Otherwise, keep some open space for reasons mentioned above. There are those that just want to a quiet place to sit and relax on the water.

  2. Why doesn’t the city clean up the Polcari playground behind the black iron fence the city put that fence and trees and bushes they were suppose to maintain it. Where is there obligation? Rats running around the bushes where is the safety of the children that play in that playground? Clean it out and clement the ground leave the trees. Put new benches so people can sit there. Put a dog poop bag dispenser so owners will pick up after their dogs. The city cleans every park BUT the Polaris playground why? Its city property? Their is a border line to the property of the Paul revere condominiums its not their responsibility its the city. They turned that property over to the city over 30 years ago. The city put the bushes and the fence clean it up.

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