Update: The 7pm family fireworks on Boston Common have been cancelled due to the cold, but the midnight fireworks are still on over Boston Harbor!Get your party hats and noisemakers to ring in 2018 because New Year’s Eve fireworks are returning this year to Boston Harbor. The 40-year tradition is back with two, yes two, fireworks barges for a big show starting at midnight. With double barges, fireworks will be visible across Boston’s waterfront, including front row views from the North End, Seaport, South Boston, Downtown, Wharf District, Charlestown Navy Yard and East Boston.


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  1. This was all made possible because someone cared! Hats off to FOCCP President Joanne Hayes Rines and her committee for all their effort and a great big thank you to all those who donated. I for one am GLAD to see the skies lit up again.

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