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Photos: Old North Brass Polishing Party

The Old North Church hosted its annual brass polishing party in the church parish house on Salem Street in Boston’s North End. Volunteers polish two three hundred year old chandeliers and twelve 150 year-old sconces. The two twelve branch chandeliers were imported from Europe and installed in the church in 1724. Each chandelier and sconce can be disassembled into dozens of pieces, facilitating easy cleaning by many volunteers.

The brass polishing party has attracted interesting participants over the years. Mayor Menino polished brass in the past. A few years ago, an entire French Canadian tour group stopped in to lend a hand. Hostess Carol Ball provides coffee, bagels, and mimosas to the forty to fifty volunteers drawn from the church and surrounding community.

The Old North Church was built in 1723. Old North is home to a neighborhood Episcopal congregation and is visited by more than 500,00 tourists each year. Find out more at