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Police Blotter: Roof Break-in, Firehouse Boot, Car Theft & Drug Store Shoplifting

The following incidents were reported on the North End / Waterfront police blotter, courtesy of District 1 Boston Police. 

Vandalism / Trespassing
10/08/17          10:37pm
Four male suspects arrested for vandalism and trespassing in a Hanover St. building. Resident reports he heard a banging sound at the 5th floor door which leads to the roof. Upon investigating, he spotted six males coming down the stairs fleeing the building. Two suspect’s were apprehended out front and two more after a foot chase through the North End. The 5th floor leading to the roof had been kicked in with lock and frame damage also.

10/09/17    3:00am -6:00am
Hanover St. firehouse reports the donation boot in front of the firehouse was stolen overnight by an unknown person. The Fire marine unit located the boot behind Battery Wharf. See more information here.

Auto Theft
10/02 – 10/03/17   4:00pm – 6:30am
Victim reports an unknown person stole his 2002 Jeep Liberty that was parked on Parmenter Street.

Larceny/ Shoplifting
10/03/17         11:00am
A Hanover St. pharmacy reports an unknown male suspect stole 7 boxes of over the counter medications from the store. Suspect was observed on video by the manger after the incident.

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  1. Does anyone know if this was an Absentee Landlord Building which continues to be a big threat to our neighborhood. Trash, Parties /Noise, etc. What is the City doing? Absolutely Nothing is the answer.
    The tickets are a joke & that is the reason why we are still in this position. So sorry, but so True.

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