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North End / Waterfront Targeted for Hubway Expansion

Community members gathered at the Nazzaro Center on Wednesday to discuss possible locations for the new Hubway bike share stations coming to the North End/ Waterfront area.

After years of construction, the North End cycle-track as part of Connect Historic Boston is finally nearing completion. As such, the North End / Waterfront has been identified as a target zone for the Hubway expansion because of its updated roadways, central location and popularity within the city. The project aims to position city bike stations within a 5-minute walk of each other to ensure easy public access.

The current Hubway expansion project is Boston’s single largest investment in bike sharing and is expected to bring over 70 new Hubway stations to the city within the next two years. This effort came out of Go Boston 2030’s long-term transportation goal to have every home in Boston be within a 10-minute walk of various public transit options.

Those at Wednesday’s meeting were split into small groups to work with current Hubway service maps and select potential new locations for bike stations in the North End/ Waterfront area [Pictured above, suggested North End stations are circled in marker with a corresponding number].

Hubway stations can be set up on or off the street, but need to be positioned in a sunny and visible location that is clear of utilities and accessible for maintenance and service. The major points of interest identified at the meeting included Lovejoy Wharf, Langone Park and other points along Commercial Street. [See our recent poll on desirable locations.]

Over the next few months, submissions from community meetings and online postings will be reviewed by the city. Feasible locations will be determined by February and will be shared for feedback into March. All locations will be finalized in April.

To submit additional suggestions for Hubway locations, please visit this website.

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  1. Great! I’m very interested in the public bike locations, glad to see there will be more here in the wonderful North End!

  2. Put it in Columbus Park near the Greenway. Reclaim the sidewalks from the current bike store on Atlantic and have these store trucks and other vehicles in a garage not taking p Resident spaces as thehy do now.

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