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Columbus Day Parade in North End on Sunday October 8th, 1-3pm

The Bi-Annual Columbus Day Parade will take place on Sunday October 8th, beginning at City Hall Plaza at 1:00PM. The parade will make its way through downtown Boston and the waterfront, past the Christopher Columbus Park and into the North End. The parade will include Boston Police and Fire honor guard, military personnel and vehicles, marching bands, drum & bugle corps, antique cars, Italian heritage and neighborhood groups, floats, duck boats and thousands of other participants.

From City Hall Plaza, the parade will proceed onto Cambridge Street, turn right onto New Sudbury Street, right onto Congress Street, left onto State Street, left onto Atlantic Avenue, continue onto Commercial Street, left onto Battery Street, left onto Hanover Street, right onto Cross Street, right onto Endicott Street, right at North Washington Street, right onto Commercial Street for dispersal. The parade route will be closed to traffic from approximately 11 AM to 3:30 PM.

“The parade is a great opportunity to celebrate Italian Heritage and cheer on the members of our armed forces who serve and protect us here at home,” said Parade Organizer Louis Strazzullo, “It is a wonderful day of neighborhood celebration, heritage and fun for the whole family.”

Best viewing downtown is along Congress and State Streets, on the waterfront along Atlantic Ave. at Columbus Park and in the North End along Commercial, Hanover and Endicott Streets. A bandstand will be set up on Hanover Street at the Prado / Paul Revere Mall.


12 Replies to “Columbus Day Parade in North End on Sunday October 8th, 1-3pm

  1. Going through Portland, ME and they have redesignated Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples Day. Their reason is that Christopher committed genoside. Political correctness Maine style.

  2. This is a fun celebration to honor our Miitary who are fighting to keep us safe. Our Italian Heritage,feast celebrations , the Shriners Burn children’s hospital and other charitable institutions. And yes our polititions trying to figure out whats right or wrong in our Boston communities So Happy Christopher Columbus Day!!!

    1. Politicians need better things to do rather than figuring out how to name holidays. Out of control spending, large budget deficits and huge debt. You have to wonder with all the problems in government, if the greatest product of their effort iis renaming holidays, do they know their job? Columbus Day hardly warrants a political discussion.

  3. We certainly need a festive Columbus Day. It will do our hearts some good, while also remembering those whom we are holding in our memories.

  4. Like everything else ,if you choose not to celebrate Columbus Day do not attend the parade.Buona Domenica & enjoy.

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