From Nazzaro Center to Uncle Sam

Nicholas Ryan Shea, current West End resident, former North End resident and lifelong Nazzaro Center, has enlisted in the Army and is currently in Ft. Jackson SC undergoing his 10 week basic combat training stint.  Nicholas, a graduate of the Eliot and East Boston High, has qualified to train as a Blackhawk helicopter mechanic and will spend the ensuing 18 weeks at Ft. Eustus Virginia learning that trade.  From there, who knows? But Nicholas knows that he wants to serve his country and is taking action towards that goal, a very admirable stand that we, his Nazzaro Center family, support 100% and are proud to call him one of us.

Throughout his childhood and early adulthood, Nicholas was a full-fledged participant in all things Nazzaro, including Small Fry and Knights basketball, NEAA baseball, the Nazzaro band, the ski program and also was employed at the center in both the after school and summer city youth hiring program.  And as recently as this past summer, he was a lifeguard at the Mirabella Pool.

Nicholas is the son of Maria and Tim Shea, brother of TJ Shea and grandson of MaryAnn Bonneau of Leominster.

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