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Residents Petition for Removal of Lewis Wharf Harbor Piling Field

A group of petitioners associated with the Save North End Waterfront / No Lewis Wharf Hotel effort submitted a letter to the City and State regulators advocating for the removal of the dilapidated harbor pilings around Lewis Wharf.

“There are large amounts of floating and partially submerged debris within and around the former pile fields, including old broken-off pilings, pieces of broken dock and float systems, old barrels, abandoned lobster pots and buoys, a variety of paper trash and plastics, abandoned ropes and lines and other debris which floats out into the harbor and creates serious hazards.”

Recall, this is the same piling field that was found to be largely submerged at high tide and therefore not eligible for development according to a prior State ruling that essentially killed the prospects for a large hotel project at Lewis Wharf. The full letter is shown below and was submitted with over 100 signatures and addresses, including members of the Boston Sailing Center and boat owners.

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  1. Why are they removing the pilings? That’s part of the north end waterfront charm!! Stop already! First the side walks and bike lanes. Now the pilings? What’s next?!?!

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