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District Crime Incidents Tick Up 2%; Public Safety Meeting Rundown

Boston Police District A-1 provided an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the August 2017 North End Public Safety Meeting.

The overall number of reported crime incidents in Boston District A-1 is up 2% year-to-date. Here is a rundown of July 2017 crimes relevant to the North End / Waterfront area.

Robberies (1)

7/13 @ 12.05pm @ Thacher St. (near N. Washington St.): An unknown male approached a woman, pulled a knife and took her wallet and purse (containing $350 in cash).

Breaking & Entering – Residence (2)

7/8/17 @ 7.00am @ 63 & 109 Charter St.: An 18-year-old male suspect (who gave the police an Auburn, NH address) was arrested on Charter St. for breaking into a residence, breaking into a motor vehicle and also attempting to break into another residence (via a bedroom window).  A brick was found by the motor vehicle.  The suspect was positively identified by a victim and witnesses and was in possession of the stolen property (including prescription drugs, a wallet and 2 coats).

Breaking & Entering – Commercial (1)

7/29 @ Benevento’s @ 5.10am: A cash register containing $150 was stolen.  A glove was left at the scene.  The crime was caught on video.  Detectives are following up.

Auto Theft (1)

7/21 @ 10.45pm @ 189 North St.: A motorcycle was stolen.

Larcenies (5)

7/16 – 7/17, b/w 1.00am & 7.00am @ 26 Unity St.: The victim reported he had a small party at his residence.  The following morning he realized his Breitling (Colt) watch was missing.

7/10 @ CVS: Shoplifting of 3 bottles of cologne with a total value of $200.
185 Fulton St.: Estranged wife of victim allegedly stole documents that did not belong to her.
7/29 @ N. Margin & Wiget Sts.: A male visiting from Sweden was rearranging the interior of a car.  While doing so, a camera bag he had placed on the street was stolen.
130 Fulton St.: A baby stroller was left in the lobby of a building and was stolen

Larceny from MV (1)
As previously described in the aforementioned Residential B&E (above).

Arrests (3)
Assault & Battery 209a: Domestic violence incident on Charter St.
Attempted Break-in (Residential), Larceny from a Motor Vehicle & B&E (Residential): As previously described in the aforementioned Residential B&E (above).
Possession of a Class B drug: 7/29 @ 5.30pm @ Prince St. park – There was a call for a disturbance in the park.  The female suspect gave police fake names and a Reading, MA address.  She was belligerent with police and was had crack cocaine in her possession.

*Bi-Annual Homeless Census: 127 homeless people in District A-1 (compared to 153 last summer).  None were counted in the North End.*

David Marx hosts the monthly Public Safety meeting with Boston Police District A-1. North End Public Safety Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, 6:00 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All are welcome to attend and bring their questions. See the Community Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

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  1. Is anyone commenting on crime report’s? So much more going on but God Forbid The Mayor doesn’t want the tourist to get upset and not generate money coming into what turned into Disneyland,more crime more drugs, more drunks!!

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