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Open Canal Street Sees Low Afternoon Turnout

A Look at Open Canal Street

On Saturday, July 8th, 2017, The City of Boston closed vehicular traffic off to Canal Street from 10 AM to 8 PM. The whole length of the street was opened up for people to walk on. Thunderstorms and rain was forecasted, but the good weather held out for the afternoon.

The nice weather, however, did not bring a large crowd to the open street Saturday afternoon. Perhaps the holiday week or Boston Pizza Festival had something to do with the low public turnout in the afternoon. Or maybe, the Canal Street just doesn’t draw a crowd like what was seen from a busy Open Newbury Street.

Some of the vendors that displayed themselves in the street were the Celtics Green Team, the West End Museum, and Boston City Winery. (Set to open on September 17th, 2017) For kids and families there was corn hole, bubbles, toys, and more outdoor activities. Music and live performances were provided by Country 102.5. The artists who played on Saturday included:

  • Kevin Herchen
  • Paige Davis
  • Ayla Brown with Rob Bellamy
  • Jimmy Connor
  • Alec MacGillivray Band
A Family Playing Corn Hole
The West End Museum
People gathering for the first performance on Canal Street.
A Family plays corn hole

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  1. Whoa! You’re telling me that those guys from the west end museum did draw larger crowds?!?!?! I feel like there aren’t very many stores and none of them went out of their way. However, there was a big crowd at the concert, but your picture seems like it was taken way before the crowd built up.

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