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North End/Waterfront Health Center Funding in the State Budget

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Senator Joe Boncore joined their colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature in approving the state’s $40.2 billion budget. Among the many spending priorities highlighted in the budget, local initiatives were prioritized, including the North End/Waterfront Health Center, which received $125,000 to assist in its ongoing efforts to combat substance abuse.

“The Health Center has been doing tremendous work identifying those individuals with substance abuse issues and ensuring that they get the treatment that they need,” said Michlewitz. “I am proud in joining with Senator Boncore and my other colleagues in the Legislature in supporting this worthwhile program”.

“The North End Health Center serves nearly 6,000 patients per year. These funds will go a long way in supporting the center both as a front line in the fight against opioids and the center as a whole,” said Boncore.

The budget will now head to the Governor, where he will have the opportunity to review the budget.

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  1. NEW Health sees more than 14,000 patients in the North End and Charlestown. Thanks to both communities for supporting us. Thanks, Jim Luisi CEO

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