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Neighborhood Council Addresses Peace Garden Disturbances [Video]

Video from the July 10, 2017 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC)

Earlier this week, published this piece by resident Thomas Schiavoni regarding disturbances from an illegal “deck” on a fire escape right above the Peace Garden at Saint Leonard Church. At the Neighborhood Council meeting on July 10th, the Council discussed what actions have been taken to end the residents of 326-328 Hanover Street’s disrespectful behavior.

Council member Tania Green was not going to wait around while the Boston Inspectional Services Department allegedly ignored the issue. She called the police and fire departments on July 10th. Along with the fire and police departments being alerted, both Channel 5 and Fox 25 Boston are now covering the story after a community member called the stations. At the meeting, WCVB Channel 5 came to interview two council members.

Saint Leonard Peace Garden with deck chairs above on fire escape. (Photo by Thomas Schiavoni)

She said that the Police Department and the Fire Department spoke to one of the three roommates living in the apartment about their behavior. After informing the roommate that if the disrespectful behavior continues there will be further action, the chairs were removed from the fire escape used as an illegal “deck.”

Green said, “This should be an issue that is settled and done,” after she called the Fire Department. She continued, “Let me just say that the Fire Department and the Boston Police Department were very helpful tonight. They came within 10 minutes of the phone call.”

Council member Michael Bonetti, credited the article on for bringing attention to the situation and said, “Now I’m glad everybody knows about it.”

NEWNC President John Pregmon said that the Council is continuing to monitor the issue. To those who attended the meeting, Pregmon said, “If you don’t report it, they don’t know,” referring to the City of Boston’s Hotline 311 or online.

Maria Lanza from the City of Boston’s Neighborhood Services added that ISD is working on the issue. Residents are encouraged to report complaints to 311. “In the chance that the neighborhood inspector wouldn’t be there, there is an on call inspector that they would alert to send out,” said Lanza.

Some of those who attended the meeting asked if the landlord was doing anything about the situation. (See the landlord family response in the comments of the original article.)

See the video above for full coverage from the NEWNC meeting on the issue. The next Neighborhood Council meeting is on September 11th, 2017. There will be no August meeting. To see the original article on this issue, click here.

8 Replies to “Neighborhood Council Addresses Peace Garden Disturbances [Video]

  1. Tania – just get it done ~ sounds like your mantra ! It takes a proactive person to ‘go at it’ as you did. Bravo.

  2. Hi all, thank you so much for the encouragement. I want to clarify one thing in the article; I did not call the media. I believe it was proactive members of the community and they should get the credit for that move, not me. The council will continue to aggressively combat disturbance to our beautiful neighborhood.

  3. I reported this to 311. They closed my report because they said it duplicated another report, but did not respond when I asked what the resolution was. Glad to hear the boys have removed their chairs, but disappointed that I have not heard what Inspectional Services is doing about it or why they have refused to act. Is the deck itself illegal? Or just a fire escape being misused?

  4. Hi everyone. Follow up: Inspectional Services Commissioner William “Buddy” Christopher talks about the illegal use of the fire escape over looking the peace garden. It is a fire escape and nothing should block the egress. He also assured everyone that no one from ISD gave the landlord of tenants permission to use it as a deck.

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