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District 1 Candidate Stephen Passacantilli Sponsors NEAA Baseball

The North End’s own Stephen Passacantilli, candidate for District 1 City Councilor, donated $350 to pay for a case of baseballs for the Dodgers baseball program. At Saturday’s NEAA Youth Major’s Allstar game, Stephen stopped by to present a check to NEAA Baseball & Sports Coordinator John Romano and Dodgers Commissioner Ralph Martignetti. “We appreciate Stephen’s help with this years’ Dodgers program” stated NEAA Coordinator John Romano. The NEAA Dodgers Traveling teams program has 4 teams with players ages 13 to 21 and compete in the Lou Tompkins Baseball Program and The Base League.

Photo: L to R: Ralph Martignetti, Stephen Passacantilli, John Romano and NEAA Cubs’ coach Joseph Bova (Photo Credit: Hristina Tasheva)