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Boston Climate Action Network Talks Renewable Energy at Residents’ Association [Video]

Mike Prokosch from Boston Climate Action Network came to the June 8th, 2017 Residents’ Association meeting to speak about cleaner, renewable energy in the city of Boston with Community Choice Energy.

Prokosch noted “how spectacularly the federal government is failing to do anything about climate change.” He praised Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh for fighting against climate change, but the city needs to do more for providing renewable energy. He explained to the Residents’ Association that the technology is readily available, it just needs to be implemented for a fossil-fuel-free future.

With more renewable energy sources in Boston, Prokosch said that it would generate jobs, protect against energy blackouts, and make residents’ electric bill more predictable. Prokosch also mentioned that neighborhoods like the North End are vulnerable to coastal flooding, storms, and sea level rise, which could become more severe due to climate change.

The power, Prokosch says, will be mostly generated by offshore wind energy. Prokosch described a similar renewable energy initiative in Europe that is working well. Because of their renewable energy sources, “Some near point in the future, Denmark is going to be fossil free,” Prokosch noted.

Learn more about Community Choice Energy at and more on Boston Climate Action Network at

Watch the video above for full coverage and a Q&A with Prokosch.

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